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An Update

And so the journey continues.

I am feeling okay about the progress of my e-lit piece, but I will admit that I am not sure where it is going or *exactly* how it is going to end. We discussed storyboarding and creating a timeline in our last class, but I will be honest and say that I haven’t really done that. I have an outline of my story that I have created in a document that corresponds with what I have in Twine, but that is about the extent of what I have for my storyboard format. Over the summer I read a biography of Tennessee Williams (one of my favorite literary figures) and the author talked about how Tennessee would write an obscene amount of material only to use a small fraction of what he produced in the final product. I am in no way comparing myself to Mr. Williams, but I have adopted his chaotic approach to writing this story. When I sit down to work on it, I basically start to write and see where I end up. I have probably changed the course of the story three different times, but I am on a (relatively) solid path now.

I am still sticking to my guns and focusing on Twine to tell the story. Dr. Zamora discussed the fact that any kind of movement in e-lit has to in some way be relevant to the piece and not just a page turning kind of effect. I worry I may end up with a piece that feels like it is just a page turner, but at this point, it is what it is. This piece is pure fun for me, and I am just going to let myself have fun and not worry about it being perfect or some grand piece of scholarship in the form of art.

The themes in my story are on the darker side, and I sense my psyche trying to purge itself of some of what I have gone through in the last few years, so this story won’t be complete fluff. But – can I honestly say I have a well thought out agenda for what you will find in this story? Nope. The meaning to be found in the piece will essentially be a product of me discovering both dark corners of myself and fun memories of stories I have enjoyed as I write. You will find influences in my piece from the e-lit we went through this semester like Redshift and Portalmetal and With Those We Love Alive, and from some of my favorite stories like Never Let Me Go and The Handmaids Tale. So far, the main topic that is emerging in this story is that of memory and what happens when it becomes something that we can no longer do without great effort or aid from outside influences.

I am about half-way to two-thirds of the way through my story (who knows where things might go), but I think I will have it ‘complete’ in time for the due date.

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