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Final Project and Reflection

Introduction to the piece: Lost in Memory is an interactive fiction electronic literature piece that explores themes around what makes us human, trauma and its effects on the mind, the role of memory in our humanity, and what we are willing to sacrifice to attain healing. The reader places themselves into a futuristic world in […]

An Update

And so the journey continues. I am feeling okay about the progress of my e-lit piece, but I will admit that I am not sure where it is going or *exactly* how it is going to end. We discussed storyboarding and creating a timeline in our last class, but I will be honest and say […]

Sci-fi and the Transreal: The Beginnings of…. Something? I hope?

The creation process so far has been a little bumpy. My biggest fear is spending the windows of time I actually have to work on this going in a direction that doesn’t work out and then having no time to start over. Commitment to an idea is scary. Thankfully, I have learned by now that […]

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